Here Is A Start

The beginning of spring is here. The wind is cold but the flowers come out anyway. They seem in strange contrast with the grey skies. Yet when the sun shines everything falls into place.
Maybe that’s a bit as how my life feels at the moment. There are a lot of new things that I know are coming – yet it feels sometimes as if time stands still, as if not much is happening.

I’m thinking about sharing more personal thoughts more often, here and on Instagram. Because isn’t that how we learn – from each other?
Though, being the one telling the stories is not the most comfortable position. Yet worthwhile, I believe (more and more).
So here is a start.

Did you know that I might get married very, very soon? (Though nothing is planned yet but we are trusting God to provide in the right time) Or that I might spend some time in India soon? Did you even know that I’m dating a man who is originally from India? So much has happened and so much will still happen. So why not share this journey? And I hope you might share some of your journey with me.

Let’s learn from each other, inspire each other, help each other. By sharing everyday stories and thoughts.
If you agree, share yours somewhere. Here in the comments or on your blog. Often we stay silent because of our ‘privacy’ – at least, I did. But is that a good reason? Are we not missing out on so many good stories?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong. Only time can tell.

I’m going to give it a try. At least tonight. And tomorrow we’ll see what tomorrow will bring.

For today it’s been good.


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