Photo Idea: Making Hazy, Mysterious Self-portraits

Recently I discovered some new ways of photographing and since there was no one around I tried the new techniques out on myself. Which was actually surprisingly fun to do. I found an old photo book and in it were many hazy, soft photos which I really liked. So after a bit of research I came across this idea: to photograph with a pantyhose in front of your lens :) – strange, right!

Here’s how it works:

Cut a piece out of a pantyhose and place it in front of your camera lens. You need to pull the pantyhose somewhat otherwise you won’t see anything. I tied it by putting my lens cap over the pantyhose – but you could also use an elastic band I think.
Getting things in focus might be tricky for your camera now, so if you can, put the camera on manual focus mode so you can change the focus by turning your focus ring back or forth ;-)

Have fun!

(Not one of these photos is edited – I used black and red pantyhose)

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