A few weeks ago I visited Berlin with two friends of mine. I brought my analog camera with me. It was loaded with my very first roll of black and white film. It’s always a surprise to see how the pictures come out. The weekend was very cold but also very sunny and bright. And photographing in black and white is very weird, because when i first saw the pictures they didn’t seem to match my memories (The images in my mind of blue skies and lots of sunlight.) Instead, by looking at the pictures I thought mostly about the stories surrounding the pictures. Memories also, but not per se visual ones. I don’t know how to explain this. I’ll share some short stories here.

The picture above: This one is sort of symbolic. Because wherever we traveled these two would be reading the map and finding the route while i took pictures or just enjoyed the surroundings. Haha, this sounds as if I’m really lazy or something. To my defense: they said they really enjoyed guiding the way.

The first day in Berlin we walked through this little art market. It was fun. Just nosing around. Imagining what we would buy if we would have a lot of money to spend…

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At the Berliner Dom. Just enjoying the weather and the architecture. And we even got inside without paying anything and heard a sermon in German about being grateful for the things we have. And we were.


Inside the Berliner Dom. I love this picture. I love the way that man looks and I love the light.


(She took some cool pictures in color :) )


These two pictures i took at the memorial for the murdered Jews. My friends went to the museum and i just sat on a block and enjoyed the sun. At one point two boys were jumping from rock to rock. And i secretly photographed them because i loved their silhouettes in the sun.


On Sunday we went to this park without really expecting anything. And there were a lot of young people and second hand stuff and music. There were bands playing everywhere. It was really weird and pretty beautiful. If i’d live there I’d go more often :)

We tried to make a selfie in our Hotel bathroom. Haha.


This is a picture of my friends walking in front of Hans im Gluck. (Not staged at all..) We ate there and it was really good. And we talked a lot about Hans/Hanzel and when you went to the bathroom there, you could hear a story about Hans. I tell you, it’s very weird to listen to a story in German with different voices and all when you’re on the toilet. Also we walked here every morning to our breakfast and we walked here at the end of every day back to our hotel :)
(I have to say that i had not seen that Tolerahahans sign above the bar untill now. Haha.)

And this is me! whoohoo. Walking to a castle. In between the trees. There you have it!


She probably doesn’t like me posting this picture. But that statue and that shadow and the lake. I like it all.


We wondered for a long time whether it was a man or a woman on top of the building. Eventually we concluded it was a woman. She was in sort of a dance pose. And so we started to talk about how we would liked to be posed  if our statues would be placed upon a building. – we have such meaningful conversations –


The view from an S-Bahn station. In a few minutes we’d get a fine for not buying the right ticket. But we didn’t know that in this moment. Everything was fine and blue and liny.


The picture above shows two identical towers. The sun hides behind the big tower, giving it a little halo. I love this one in black and white because of the silhouettes. This was taken during our last hours in Berlin. I snapped this one quickly while we were searching for something we never found.

The leaves of these trees were already getting orange and very beautiful. It’s the Berliner Dom again. We passed this place several times. And i guess it’s the first place i think about when i think of Berlin.

If you been to Berlin, you know that this one pops up everywhere. I also like that it’s typical for the city: Modern and old and trees.

There are a few more events that come back to me when looking through these photos that are not actually depicted.
Like das Ampelmanchen that guided us through the city, keeping us safe. And the time we were the last ones to leave the Reichstag building and we practically send the lift-guy and some police officers home just by walking down the stairs. And when we were in the Reichstag and this guy in our ear kept saying we should look at a yellow or blue building at the east. And we never could find the buildings he pointed out because we didn’t know where east was and because it was pitch black outside.
And the time we came out of a restaurant and the sidewalk was black with people and we wondered where they came from and we walked to the Brandenburger Tor and found out there was a light festival in Berlin that weekend. And it still makes me smile when i think of the things we saw that night. It was really a true Stars Hallow moment.
And of course i could go on longer because the more i think of it, the more comes to mind. But I’ll just keep it there for now.

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