Last Year’s Morning Walk

Last year around this time I took an early morning walk to a park and this is what I saw there – and this is what I saw on my way there. Nature always keeps surprising me and I usually keep forgetting how surprising it actually is until there are mornings like this. Until I get over the dread that comes over me when I’m comfortably inside and the outside just seems cold and boring and same old same old.

Isn’t that how life usually is? It becomes good once you step out. Or at least it becomes interesting and real. And you get out of your own head.

When I’m a bit stuck in my head, which happens at times living alone and working by myself – I sometimes force myself to take a walk and bring no headphones. But just keep my head up and really look. I look at a tree and wonder why the leaves are shaped that way. Or I see a ‘boring’ bush and stop and look for a while and try to find some beauty – and usually it works. Usually I’m amazed at the new things I found.

There’s something special about nature. It has something no screen can offer. And it’s not as easy to acces as a screen in a way. You have to try to see things. You have to step out and look hard. It usually won’t come your way unless you invite it.

Still I’m sharing my nature-experience on a screen. And there are blessings in that. At the moment I’m sitting in bed with my laptop in my lap and I’m nicely comfortable. And this typing does me good.

Life has a lot to offer. And we don’t have to receive everything all the time, because we would exhaust ourselves. But we can reach out to any one gift when we want to: Nature, a friend, reading a book, watching a movie or writing a blog.
All we have to is take a step, make a decision and enjoy.

Enjoy! ;-)

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