Lately Life Has Been Strange

One evening 2 months ago I was sitting on my sofa when I heard a firetruck close by, I looked out the window and saw there was a fire in my building. The hallway to the stairs was black with smoke and there was no way out. I stood on my balcony waiting for a way out, not knowing what to do.
After about half an hour two firemen suddenly stood next to me and took me safely down.

These photos my friend Fianne took around this time two years ago. I’d asked her to take photos of me in my apartment because I wanted to be able to remember it. I loved that little place! Little did I know that the goodbye to my apartment would come so suddenly.

From one day to the other it wasn’t my apartment anymore. During the fire I felt so locked up and so alone. No one could get to me and I couldn’t get to anyone. My flat now just keeps reminding me of that experience. I couldn’t live there anymore.

Now I live with my parents. I sleep and work in a small room. I paint in my dad’s garage. And I’m looking for another affordable place to live.

There were days when I felt sad and angry, but there were many, many more days when I saw beautiful things come out of this experience;

Having more conversations with my parents. Biking with my dad and eating ice cream together. Spending more time with my little sister. Eating and making dinner together. Spending time in my parent’s lovely garden and calling myself the gardener now :)

I don’t know where I’ll live in a month. I don’t know what life looks like in a month. (That’s true for all of us). But I do know that there is beauty to be found every day. And I’m going to keep my eyes open to find it. I want to seek peace and pursue it (Psalm 34:14) no matter what happens.

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