Relive 2012

At the end of every year I try to look back on this past year. I try to visualize what kind of year this was. I read back all the entries in my notebook. Reliving things I’ve written down months ago. I analyze the goals I stated last year, and try to come up with new ones for the next.

2012, to me was a year of learning.  Looking and reading back I notice how much I’ve learned about myself and about God. About my faults, my talents, my character. About God’s love, about His presence, about His plans, About His power and even more about His heart.

Someone once said that his pursuit in life was to touch God’s heart, to move it. This statement struck me then, but still does.
I know that no human being could ever be able to move God’s heart by himself. But striving for it is the beauty. Instead of trying to impress people or striving to move their hearts, your pursuit in life can be to move God’s heart. Anything that will move His heart, will move the hearts of people.  It’s such a beautiful view of life, that I made this my pursuit and want to pursue this the coming year even more.

Sometimes life gets a little boring. Sometimes we get caught in circles and this leads to uninspired events and days. I want to do crazy, fun things. I don’t want to take myself so serious anymore. I want to be able to laugh about stupid things I did. I want to be able to do things I’ve never done before, and laugh about the mistakes I made.

I want to laugh a lot this year.


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